“Cooking has always been my favorite passion.  Today, I wish to share my French cuisine with you.”

Ernie's Caterning - French CuisineCaroline can create a perfect culinary masterpiece for your event. Whether you have something in mind or would like to experience Caroline’s gourmet french cuisine, we can make your event memorable. Here are some examples:

  • Foie gras with duck breast and pistachios
  • Potatoes gratin with wild mushrooms
  • Spinach terrine with salmon
  • Lobster’s spicy curry from Indian Ocean side
  • Sliced caramelized pork skewers with ginger and garlic confit

Caroline has a lot of experience catering all over the world, including the Dominican Republic, Morocco, and the U.S. She loves sharing her french heritage through her gourmet cuisine.

Ernie's Catering - Fine CuisineErnie's Catering Sample - Foie Gras

My french cuisine requires time and attention. For the best service, please order at least 48 hours in advance.

~ Caroline Jambor